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Ghana has lost it is spirit of volunteerism – Inna Patty

The Chief Management Officer (CEO) of Exclusive Events Ghana Limited, organizers of the Miss  Ghana Pageantry, Inna Mariam Patty, has depicted sadness that the country is getting rid of the spirit of volunteerism. In accordance with your ex, the country is promoting into a "cash and carry system" where people demand money for simple tasks such as offering a aiding hand to a person in need.

“The spirit of volunteering has disappeared in this country. If you ask people especially the youth to you are not selected, the initial thing they ask is how much should you pay us?, " she said. "I arrived at the airport some time back and asked some folks around to help me with my things and so they requested how much Let me pay them. ”

Throughout an interview on the YLeaderboard Sequence with Y107. 9FM’s Rev. Esrkine, variety of the Myd Morning Show, the woman disclosed how the woman was received graciously by some Far east students when the woman got to an airport in that country. She mentioned that the Far east students rushed to help her abfertigung her bags and did it without asking for whatever.

“The students were studying English at the Hainan School and volunteered at the airport as a way of interacting with travelers to help these groups improve after their English. As soon as one volunteers, the person you help out is automatically leaned in the direction of showing them. The students refused and My spouse and i offered to make them coffee and we mixed dough. ”She urged Ghanaian youth, especially students to have a balanced life and not only give attention to academics. “Be a component of activities and you are not selected, ” she said.


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