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Ga West's presbytery considers 17 doctrines


Ga West Presbytery Geartboria Church of Gearnaia Church of Geoch Adiai Pobee invited the leader of the church to get the formation of the church needs to teach the rugged doctrine of followers. Pastor used the phone when predicting the theme. "Phone" is a new GBAWE church in a new GBAWE church in the new GBAWE repayment circuit of the Western Church of Western Church of Western Church of Western Church (Contechists of Gabawe)

He said that every time God calls, he said, reveal, reveals, and present everyone. He knew that a variety of false teachings were slipped into Christianity, and God's men and women had to have a serious study to override the trend. The Reverend Enoch Joy OdepoBee gives the preacher of the Bible as the importance of the Bible and misrepresentation of the parish school. "Some of us read the Bible and we can not distinguish what we wanted a specific audience, and what we hear."

He has to teach other leaders, pastor, categoes, evangelists and teachers, and they need to examine good translations of the Bible and other tools, eg. B. Comments that say their role in the investigation, he said he said that the text literally and the historical context must be considered. . The Holy Spirit can not be exaggerated The President blessed a newly excluded CATEKEAM and that was responsible for the ambassador of Christ and the Church of the Bible. Director of the Ramsy Trinish Center, Ramsy Trinish Center, a church present to the consecration of Catechist candidates, has seriously received its various Catechist training courses in Reverend Gideon Pupampu.

He asked her to share them as well as their members of the individual community, but their God was put on their way. The Rev. Joseph Kofi Antoine (PhD), Secretary of the Board of Directors who welcomed the Protestants, read the details and presented them to the Chairman and the Council for consecration. Samuel Cossi Asweh, on behalf of his colleagues, expressed his deep gratitude to God and church leaders for this wonderful invitation. He promises to be ready to do everything in his power to carry out the great tasks entrusted to them.

including 17 newly ordained ministers; Ellen Opongbini, Agustina Oparbi Ado, Florence Aqua Ago Amancouva, Kazia Ann Larbi-Couranting, Salome Asante Ado, Salome Nekromah Gima, Daniel Ouso Ansa, Emmanuel Osi Akie, Samuel Bafoman Moni, Accorlor, Daniel Konje, John Kofi Baa Apa, Samuel Kossi Aswa, Benjamin Adko, and John Kwakie Baidu. To commemorate this event, many local ministers, appointed ministers, agents, and district representatives attended.


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