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Fertilizers necessary for the production of cocoa - COCOBOD

The Ghana Cocoa Commission (COCOBOD) says the deep crisis between Ukraine and Russia is a real threat to sustainable crops, but it contains enough fertilizer to produce cocoa. It therefore urges cocoa farmers and the public to remain calm as they seek alternatives to the reduced or insufficient supply due to the war. On Tuesday, COFIBOD CEO Fifi Buafu told Graphic Business that there are enough resources for the board, but the ongoing conflict is a blind spot for adding goods at a time without impacting prices. Buafu mentioned in the newspaper how the Council is protecting the cocoa sector from the crisis in Ukraine and Russia. In addition to fertilizer, sales in Russian and Ukrainian markets could be affected if the war continues, he said. Fertilizer Ingredients

Russia is a global supplier of fertilizers such as nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. Western sanctions and the global impact of sanctions mean that Russian exports will be affected, threatening the cost of fertilizers that can be produced and exported to countries like Ghana. COCOBOD's Boafo said the leaders responded politely. He said he had already started looking for ways to import other products, starting with chicken. "She's submerged now and it's fine. But obviously she can't just sit back and relax. I don't know the situation. The situation is submerged but you have to be prepared when you go." "Chicken manure consumption is under our control, so we encourage farmers to consider it," said Boafo.

Ghana, the world's second largest cocoa producer, produced 1047,000 tons last year and is expected to produce around 850,000 tons this season. Chicken manure Food and Agriculture Director, Dr. Owusu Afriyie Akoto, Monday, small farmers must start biological fertilizers with the use of organic fertilizers as important foods around the world. Answer was entered. Dr. Akemook, he often helps to protect the country against inflation, often in seven childcare assessment meetings that he changed fertilizer. Our goal is to encourage farmers to use fertilizer. For example, I know that chicken fertilizer from this country has been issued to neighboring countries that are used for agriculture. "So we must use local organic fertilizers to make sure we can continue to promote growth," he said.

In the meantime, the president said that the application of fertilizers increased significantly throughout the country. He increased 8 kg per hectar to 25 kg of 2016 per hectare. But he said he had to do more to meet an average of 50 kg on average for every hectare in the economic community in West Africa. "So we have a lot of trouble getting a lot of middle fertilizer applications, only 50 kg of West African goals per hectare or far from international targets 130 kg per hectare. "We're only halfway there," he said.

"Unfortunately, the crisis is having an impact on the global economy in terms of its impact on the fertilizer industry," he said. “For example, the price of urea in Ghana went up to $350 a ton, then went up to $1,200 and then started to fall again, but I don't know where they are now because of the Ukraine crisis. “So we have issues with availability and pricing,” he said. 


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