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Documenting Fur Ownership to Minimize Conflict: Calls for Northeast Minister


The minister of the Northeast region, Zakaria Yidana, has asked traditional authorities to consider codifying the multi-current succession of the kingdom of Mamprugu in order to minimize disputes over superiors. He argued that the current system of appointing chieftains based on oral succession agreements had created a hotbed of controversy. This, he argued, is why the fur hierarchy must be documented and guided by all factions and families. “In the current system, bosses are appointed through a long-standing oral succession method, but some factions try to get their skin back in various ways, even if they aren't even qualified, leading to lawsuits.

“But with a documented succession plan, no one can get around the system. It works elsewhere and I think it would be a huge help if the local Senate and Overlord Mamrugu consider it," he said. It celebrated its nineteenth anniversary of the higher leader in the traditional Wungu area and held the best captain Saka Slimana in Wongo on Saturday. Events also discuss matters associated with events used to launch the Wungu Education Development Fund, various political parties, leaders, scientists, daughters, and daughters to the network and to influence the development of the region.

Yidana confirms the need for effective cooperation between traditional authorities and political leaders, and solving all the hegemony of parenting and country conflicts in the region. The conflict and development has recently been exclusive, and therefore the need for all terrestrial and leadership behavior needs to relieve the situation that can achieve a friendly solution for the benefits of region and country. He emphasized the decision of areas, municipality and security councils from the province or committees in both the country and the phones, and is based on an interesting spirit of countries and citizens instead of considering the other. "I want to ask you. And myself in the East Port to support our leaders in solving all the issues related to the outstanding wild boundaries.

"You have to contact the meeting between you and your children, they are: Jagaba, Yerizi, Nanjurama and GBP to discuss issues related to land." We give them political support to solve these problems. " Destruction of the environment. Yanana complained about the outbreak of the environment by the logbook, logging in and coal incineration that destroyed the forest cover. He explained the situation, explained him to global warming and his kind consequences, and all made things to minimize the fall in forest cover.

For their contribution to the development of this region, an area body that prepare the inadequacy of two-year requirements, the construction of peace, development, perfume and memory. On the other hand, Naazori Sulemana appreciated the leader and the people of this region to support and collaborate. "Mamprugu is not built on a Silver Digital, and we gave them the ancestors who tried to build their lives to build a kingdom. Dr. Mahamedo Bawumia Dr. Deputy President, the amount of 50,000 gh in the box," said he. Developed.


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