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Discipline African Leaders Which Overstay Their Name - Says Fama Akufo Addo


PRESIDENT AKUFO-Addo is forcing for stiffer treatment for African commanders who subvert the provisions of their respective countries’ épreuve by overstaying their term. In almost all of the situations where incumbents have not respected term restrictions, he said “they have argued that the basis for hanging on to power is in reply to popular pressure by way of a people to remain in office, and that term limits have no meaning in poor and under-developed societies where beneficial citizens is of the greatest priority, ” whilst “Others also think that leaders should stay in office if they continue successful elections. ”

Dealing with the African Partnership (AU) Reflection Discussion board on Constitutional Modifications of Government in Africa in Accra yesterday, he mentioned the electoral procedures which have been used to set phrase limit extensions or removals in The african continent have often already been marred by accusations of widespread problems.

Most of the time, he said ruling parties that ply this path usually enjoy near-total power over most, if not all, the levels of authorities and the electoral machinery. For that matter, he said, “African people have paid a high price for attempts by leaders to circumvent constitutional phrase limits. ” At the same time, he said 90 % of the 24 countries that either lack phrase limits or have circumvented they have experienced varying amounts of civil unrest and political instability, including coup d’états.

Based on President Akufo-Addo, the continent’s democratic improvement was being vulnerable by such occasions. As current chief of the ECOWAS Authority of Mind of State, Chief executive Akufo-Addo said, “I have witnessed straight the devastating results that coup d’états and attempted effet have experienced on the region. There has been at least three such occurrences in Mali, Guinea and Burkina Faso, and an unsuccessful attempt in Guinea Bissau. ”

He cited the AU Peace and Security Council, which attributes these to “deficiencies in governance, political greed, mismanagement of diversity, failing to seize opportunities, marginalisation, human legal rights violations, unwillingness to accept electoral beat, manipulation of concours and their modification through unconstitutional means to serve personal narrow interests” and so on.

Actually though he said “the re-sighting of coups in The african continent in all the forms and indications must be ruined by all, since “it seriously undermines our collective bet to eliminate the region of the nuisance of instability and unconstitutional within authorities, as currently described by the frames enshrined in the Lomé Declaration, the African Charter on Democracy, Elections and Governance, and other important regional and continental instruments. ”

Whilst he accepted that defaulting users are condemned and suspended from the activities of ls and regional body, likewise individual coup-makers, the President however insisted these calamité have not already been applied uniformly. “While we have been quick to sanction military hen house leaders, civilians, who achieve similar finishes with the manipulation of constitutions to stay in power, for example, go without sanctions, although their actions are obviously prohibited in our legal instruments, ” he noted. This individual, consequently, stressed the need for existing frameworks to be strengthened to catch such infractions.


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