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Digitization Sales - Samira Bawumia


Vice-presidents, Bawumia's wife says that local government digitization drives actively affect sector service challenges. She "we can  build active countries when we work on mobile interoperability, digital address systems, etc. forums, people living in Diaspora and returning home I live. It was organized by AHASPORA, which is a civil society organization that is interested in supporting DIASPORA people in order to develop development in the context of  10th anniversary activities. 

 Discussions developed in areas such as trade and small countries are developed and used DiasPora's capital, skills, and investments. Mrs. Sago returned home and requested Diaspora to build an economy. "Industrial revolution is to us, and we need to catch up with the new world by  digital reform from us. We are convinced that  we will strengthen the agenda with Diaspora's people's ideas and innovation Is. I recommend that you participate in Guna's development everything and overseas. To cooperate with the Diaspora people  who want to invest in sectors. 

 He encourages the market diaspora people  and promoted Ghana tourist division and emphasized that there is always something  about Ghana. Morgan's current managing director "We sell Ghana to Ghana. We really know who we really know someone we are really You have to work in our identity to embed someone. Gateway referenced in Africa. If  is called a gateway, it requires all  attention and resources, and that's not, that's not. It is not politics. 

 Action Forum 

  Ghana Action Forum aims to work in Ghana's domestic and overseas, Ghana in Ghana, and to work in a personal conference of action-oriented. AHASPORA was established 10 years ago to provide a support system for  individuals who have been reflected or  returned  to Ghana experts and society.  In the past 10 years, AHASPORA supported both Ghanaian organizations and international organizations, strengthened that young people are a world class and strengthened that they are experts.


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