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Delayed payments stall Volta Regional Library project


If payment is delayed, Volta Regional Library Project  The huge building of the Volta Regional Library Complex, which is 85% complete, is now rapidly devastating.  He said the GET Fund project, launched in 2003, had an initial contract value of 1. 9 million gigahertz and would need to be completed in 2005.  Amarteifio attributed the regular flooding of receptions and other units to the complex due to the contractor`s inability  to tackle the landscape aspects of the project. 

Tallman Houses Limited, was contacted, he cited the lack of regular payments for the work performed as the reason for the delay in completing the work.  "Contractually, the certificate issued for the work performed was said to be redeemed within 28 days, but  it is not.  For example, Nutsuakor said that in 2020, certificates related to various working stages of 400,000 GH ¢ issued in 2016 were awarded.  Payment Delays Richard Amafu, Regional Advisor, Project Advisor,  Architecturaland Engineering Services Limited (AESL),  said such delays in recognizing project certificates are expected. 

For this reason,  it was agreed that the contractor would pre-finance a particular phase of the project before the GET Fund accepted the certificate.  So far, AESL has issued a certificate of GH ¢ 790,762. 11 to Tallman House Limited in connection with the project and expects to pay the GET Fund soon, Amafu said.  "Currently, the contractor says that the final payment  received two years ago is not enough to repay the credit line secured by the bank to pre-finance the status of this project. 

" He said.  Continued, Amuff said  it was  the contractor's responsibility to raise funds to complete the project, and the GET Fund made prompt payments for the certificates raised for the work.  On the other hand, there is a public protest against the delay in completing the project. 


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