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Chieftaincy Disputes Was Important problem In My personal First Year ~ E/R Minister


The Eastern Local Minister, Seth Kwame Acheampong, has confessed that chieftaincy arguments in the region was his major challenge in the first year in office. “We have been challenged by some chieftaincy arguments that hampers on public safety, so we’ve had everlasting personnel stationed in most areas which even preceded my entrance into the region... they can be indeed a stress on our economy, on this budget, on our funds which we always would want to use substitute means of negotiating such disputes, ” he said.

“We have persevered to get ourselves present to the span and breadth of the region through our traditional command, the eleven paramount that we have in the region, we certainly have visited and engaged all of them and will still engage them, so we have a very soft administration once you dialogue with them most suitable option express their concerns and issues then you are also able to work at them, ” he added.

Seth Kwame Acheampong hinted that even though chieftaincy dispute is 1 of the causes of instability in the Region, it is not the power to create lack of stability in the region, saying, it is preventable once components are placed in destination to engage with the king makers, and then for him as a Minister will still engage them. “Alternative dispute resolution components are what we are hoping and praying to bring to the conscience to ensure that we have these misunderstandings all completed, ” he said.

In regards to public safety, the Regional Minister said highway robbery risk has been addressed through effective effort with the Inspector General of Law enforcement officials. ”In a effort with the Inspector General of law enforcement officials, we were able to deploy some high level no- robbery squad in a few areas of the region to help return some quiet and peace into our region, the good news is we’ve made advancement, it is not a conference, it is a process and that we are still on-going according to that aspect of our existence here, ” he said.

In addition to that, he also said in the area of businesses, government programs has help the region by opening way up the local economic system to create work opportunities. "We had the Mama Grace clothing at Efiduase, and a shoe stock in Akropong as well as a poultry farm in Akyem Wenkyi, and we have recently been able to also ensure that certain infrastructure have recently been developed and enhanced, search for complexes with support from GETFUND and a few under the administrator of the common fund”. He concluded that the essence his government within the last one season is to make properly secured environment, facilitate development and expand job opportunities.


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