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Ban on confiscating slot machines


The Gambling Commission has announced national law banning the use of analog slot machines, such as slot machines primarily played by children. The operation lasted six hours in some communities in the Greater Accra region, including Abokobi, Dome and the surrounding area. The group captured between 12 and 30 of these systems with the help of the Ghanaian police. According to community sources. This training, including kidnapping and damaging restraint systems, should help discourage and discourage children from playing in the country and developing an activity that meets international standards.

Beatrice Baiden, the Gaming Commission's public affairs director, told Business Pictures after the training that players playing illegal games on analog devices, such as digital slot machines, are exposing children to illegal activities. He explained that the console seems to be touching the children in a strange place because of its mobility and ease of assembly. half. In 2018, the Game Rating and Administration Committee warned all players on a mission to oppose all analog and video slot machines commonly referred to in the gaming industry as jackpot machines.

This restriction, which came into effect on January 1, 2022, is part of the Commission's efforts to improve the industry to see best practices. Former Vice President Biden said the ban was part of the government's decision to ban children's gambling and ban violence against those involved in gambling. He said the seized machines would be sent to landfills and other work would be done elsewhere to enforce the ban. accept. Some staff at the restaurant, where the machine is still on display as a protest, welcomed the move, seeing that the machine in the photography industry would have a significant impact on minors, including college students. Asked if there are concerns about a market decline, employee Felix Asare is a Chinese trader and locals (most sellers are licensed) where almost any machine can work as a price manager. Explained that it is owned by.

Doris Bio, in his 50s, says he was once asked about the existence of a game for kids. "I don't understand why the government allows children to skip school and participate in all kinds of violence," he said.


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