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Bagbin confirms the Vice-Chairman's voting rights and encourages applicant

Bagbin urged plaintiffs in the Supreme Court's voting proceedings to conduct a review after the Supreme Court unanimously ruled that the vice-chairman could vote last Wednesday. In a statement, Mr Bagbin said the Supreme Court's ruling was "not only absurd, to say the least,  but also a reckless infringement of parliamentary power." 

 He states: 

 "President's comments are short-sighted and unfortunate, which only exacerbates the division between executive branch and parliament," he added. See "Parliament is not under the control of the Supreme Court". The Supreme Court  has the right to vote on the issue on Wednesday by the Vice-Chair, who oversees the proceedings in Parliament, even as part of the quorum. I ruled that I had the right to vote. Decisions in parliament should be counted. 

 In a unanimous decision, the seven committees of the Supreme Court will not lose their rights to the Vice-Chairman, who happens to be a member of Parliament, based on the true interpretation of Articles 103 and 104 of the 1992 Constitution. Was ruled. To participate in Congressional decision-making, Emmanuel reports Evo Hawkson of Graphic Online, who was in court. In light of the decision, the Supreme Court ruled on November 30, 2021 that it would be effective to pass the budget that First Vice-Chair Joe Osei Owusu counted himself as part of the quorum. .. 

The court also dismissed it as Unconstitutional Rule 109 (3) of the House Regulations. This prevented the Vice-Chairman, who was the Chairman, from voting. The court dismissed the complaint by Judge Abdulai, a law instructor, and then made a decision on Wednesday, challenging Mr. Ous's decision  to be counted as part of the quorum to pass the budget. The unanimous decision was made by Judge Jones Dosse, Nene Amegasar, Professor Assy Kotei, Mariama Owusu, Lovelace Johnson, Clemence Honienuga and Johnny Klendi.


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