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As a result, a woman arrested for throwing a friend's dog from the 7thBloor Balcony

 Eric ADeson and Shelley Vaughn, Eric ADeson can not live the same way. During the heat of the condo's discussion of the Condominiums of the Shelley Vaughn, he's his personal thing, his personal thing, his personal thing, his personal thing before throwing him from the balcony I threw something. Dogs were on the way to  death on the 7th floor of the ground. Deep broken dog owner slowed slowly and ran the last time in the arm to control Bucky in his arm. Adeson claims that Vaughan was taking and using the drug shortly before the incident. The 

  incident took place on Sunday, but attempts by Clearwater police to arrest a 46-year-old woman were unsuccessful as of Monday night. While her ex-boyfriend has already filed a civil suit against her, her detective has charged Bourne with exacerbated animal cruelty, criminal mischief and domestic violence. Her  Shortly after her arrest, Bourne was detained in Pinellas County Jail in Pinellas, Florida. Under state law, the maximum sentence for serious animal cruelty is five years and the maximum fine  is $ 10,000. 

 Credit: MSN.

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