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Anxiety expelled 100 teachers from Balk and 2,247 students graduated from school


The  Ghana Educational Services (GES) city hall allowed the release of about 100 primary school teachers in the city of Balk in the Upper East region. range. According to GES Community Director Azeriya Ayeriga, about 2,247 students are also out of school for fear of their lives.  Balk has been a hotbed of decades of ethnic conflict between the Mamprusi and Ksasis, and has long claimed several lives. The battle ignited on Christmas, killing three people, including a police officer. 

 "We must admit that teachers continue to siege GES offices and demand that they transfer to a safe and secure school," Ayeriga said. He said, "There is no way to prevent them because they need a safer and more helpful environment to work." 

 "Currently, more than 100 teachers are being released to teach in other districts, and there is a significant shortage of teachers in the community, negatively impacting education and learning," he said. Teacher shortage: Aeriga explained that as of December 31, last year, there were about 240 vacancies in public elementary schools  in municipalities, and "more teachers have dropped out due to the crisis of Chief Boke." 

 He explained, "The two numbers together make it possible to say that the community is currently short of about 340 vacancies. "Thirty new teachers sent to the community have already reported, but I know that many of them will not come back due to the unstable situation in the area," he added. He found that many teachers did not come to school on a regular and on-time basis because the use of motorcycles, the most common mode of transportation in the area, was banned. He said, "Teachers who choose to go to school on a passenger tricycle, commonly known as Mahama Kambu, spend an average of 30GH ¢ per day. This is too much for teachers." 

 Students are at school: Aeriga said about two weeks ago,  public elementary school staff showed that 2,247 students had not attended school since the reoccurrence of the Bauk conflict. "Unfortunately, I don't know if such a student has moved to another school or is at home because of anxiety in the area," he said. However, he said the principal is doing everything in his power to improve the performance of students in the BECE community. The pass rate for municipalities was 19% in  2018 BECE, but increased to 31% and 36% in 2019 and 2020, respectively. 

 Aeriga says, "I want to urge you to give you an opportunity for peace for current and future generations," a faction hostile to stakeholders  to create peace and resolve those differences. I appealed to. "Students need books and pens, not bullets and guns. They need school teachers, not soldiers or police, on the streets," he said. 

 Independence Parade: At the 65th Independence Day Parade last Sunday in Navrongo, GES Upper East Region Director  Edward Azul said  recent events in Balk, Kandiga and Dova were disappointing. I did. He said that schools in these locations had  low turnout from both students and teachers. "How can we continue to be effective in teaching and learning  when both teachers and students are traumatized?" He asked.


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