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African Youth, Capital Development - Minister of Tourism

Ministers of Tourism, Arts and Cultures, Mark Okraku Mantra, Africa, is an important resource that should be used to support national and continental development. He stated that 60% of age under 25 can not be underestimated by the importance of young people in the continent's development, which is the smallest in the world. In Africa Africa, which has honored young entrepreneurs from the continent, the offend's escorts have cashed young people from Africa to lead Africa's African commitment to entrepreneurship.

"The United States has been considerably affected by the epidemic because of the structure of our economy, which generates and exports low value-added raw materials to value-added. "Fortunately, we have young and important resources we can do to support development and continent across the country." But he said the African government must obey the rule of law to encourage start-ups.

Okracmonti called on the victors to protect the rights of the people of many countries from a new start. It has won awards from many countries, each of which has been selected as a candidate for a new business idea. In a welcome speech, Richard Abbey Jr., CEO of Xodus Communications Limited, called on young Africans not to give up on Africa and its potential. He said the country lacked time for young people to improve their lives and livelihoods. "Africa is still working to work more, and I am more concerned about the future plan for Africa.

Under 40 African Awards are designed to recognize them and respect them and celebrate the largest continent in Africa and respect the young leaders of less than forty years. Includes a wide range of business development industries, excellence and community service. This organized by Xodus Communications was developed with the Ministry of Sport, Art and Culture of Ghana. The first prize attracted 63 voters from 16 African countries. Zimbabwe Energy Plus CEO Sheikhmore Timberwa won the first-ever tie that night.

This year's winners come from South Africa, Niger, Egypt, Zimbabwe, Uganda, Nigeria, Kenya, Ghana, Tanzania, Togo, Namibia, Cameroon, South Sudan, Swaziland and Morocco. In total, more than 40 young entrepreneurs have won the prize.


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