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57 artists enter the Academy of Engineering


For the first time in its history, the Ghana Institute of Engineering (GhIE) has licensed and hired 57 professional craftsmen. At present, professional craftsmen from the fields of mechanics, agriculture, art and electricity / electronics play the role of GhIE handicrafts. After careful training and compliance with the minimum training requirements required by the ProfArts Council project, permission and access. The introductory ceremony was held last Monday at the Accra Engineers Center as part of the annual GhIE meeting and Accra Engineering Week.

During the event, the head of GhIE Professor. Charles Anam Adams told executives: GhIE's chairman said his company plans to bring more than 2,000 skilled workers to the facility before it's finished. He therefore called on the government to set up a vocational training program that would serve as a strategy for developing medical programs for young people who may be affected in the future.

David Nyante, Director of GhIE, changed the name of the institution from Ghana Engineers Association to Ghana Engineers Association a few years ago to accommodate all engineers (craftsmen, technicians, technicians, engineers). That's why it does not place physicians in advanced technical expertise. Engineers completed the first phase of the ProfArts project through a joint venture between GhIE partners (German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) and Partnership) Work, GIZ GmbH, Vodafone Ghana, Robert Bush Ghana, a consolidated bank, he said. Ghana and UVEX Arbeitsschutz GmbH).

the doctor. Patrick A. Beko, president of the GhIE coalition, explains that a total of 57 candidates have completed the training. John Dotti, head of the Invest for Jobs team at GIZ-Ghana, explained in his speech that the ProfArts project aims to improve the performance of local construction professionals and small businesses and the benefits of technology. Ghana Technology Technology Laboratory is a vocational education, business training, tool training, financial training, license. Mawusi Nodutkor Vird, Education, Vocational Education Training (TVet) movements gave Ghie and Ghie for her partner for full release of Ghie and Ghie Scholars. This institution must fully support the program. Following TVT policies, there are technology and knowledge necessary for economic development and national development.

As a special guest or artist, Richard Adarwah needs new immigrants to represent their work. In a related development, GhIE gathered 130 experts at the event venue in Accra. Due to his technical dedication to the leaders, the GhIE Director has appointed him as a good representative of the organization, who conducts its duties with honesty and fairness.


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