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UTAG has not yet decided to stop the strike


 The University of Ghana Teachers Association  (UTAG) has ruled that the Accra High Court should end the strike last Monday, but for five weeks I haven't stopped the strike yet. Parliamentary Board of Education  announced  Thursday afternoon that UTAG had  in principle agreed to stop the strike. Peter Nortzkotoe, a member of the 

 Senior Board of Education, said UTAG will announce its decision after consulting with its members. The meeting with the Board of Education was attended by UTAG,  Minister of Employment, Labor and Management, and members of the Fair Wages Committee. "After hearing the incident, we realized that we needed more dialogue. Finally, as a committee, we appealed to UTAG to stop the strike, but they agreed in principle. I hope to stop the strike today and proceed with the negotiations. " 

 In response to a meeting with Congress, UTAG President Solomon Nunu said the next step would depend on a meeting with the branch. The Akra High Court issued an injunction against the UTAG strike  after granting an interim petition by the National Labor Board. The instructor was expected to return to the classroom the day after the court ruling, but this did not happen. 

 They rather decided to wait for a certified true copy of the court ruling before deciding on the next step. On Thursday after a meeting with the Parliament Select Committee on Education, the Ranking Member of the Education Committee, Peter NortsuKotoe announced that the lecturers have agreed in principle to call off the strike and return to the lecture halls should their meeting with their branches yield something fruitful.


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