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MUSIGA calls for calm after further postponement of elections


 The National Executive Committee of the  Union of Musicians in Ghana (MUSIGA) has  its members and all members even after the date of the union's National Assembly elections has been postponed further. We called on relevant  music industry stakeholders to stay calm. .. The union was scheduled to hold national elections on Wednesday, February 23, but these were also postponed, primarily due  to issues related to electoral rolls and election funding.  A union press release  signed by Acting President Bessa Simmons stated that  elections were held in a free and fair manner and that enthusiastic measures were taken to ensure their credibility. 

 "Following the postponement of the election scheduled for February 23, there was a flood of calls from union members, industry stakeholders, and well-meaning Ghanaians. "The issues surrounding the electoral roster are now We want to reassure all members that we are investigating and that due diligence is being implemented to ensure a credible roster of electors, "the press release said. 

 It also added that the national office had set aside the necessary funding for a successful election. The union`s leadership, the statement indicated, would meet on Friday, February 25 to discuss all issues relating to the elections and take steps to ensure that all obstacles were tackled for the elections to come off soon. MUSIGA initially targeted to hold national elections in June 2019 for fresh officers who were to be inaugurated in August 2019. 

 A long period of squabbles and litigation ensued after the announcement of the original date to pick officers to succeed Bice Osei Kuffour, better known as Obour, and his team. January 12 was eventually settled on but that was pushed to February 23 which has also now been indefinitely postponed election saw more than 104 candidates in 77 positions nationwide. Of these, 11 ran for seven national-level positions. Candidates for the presidential election are Bessa Simmons, Las Caleb Apialevi, and Deborah Freeman. 

 For the first time, all registered and paid members are entitled to vote in the next election. Earlier MUSIGA elections involved electoral colleges elected from local chapters. "We would like to thank all the organizations that have  supported the election process so far and ensure that they hold the elections they are proud of," the MUSIGA statement said.


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