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Ecowas Health Ministers accelerates ECOWAS high-level meetings for Ghana Universal Health Cover


Ecowas Health Ministers accelerates ECOWAS high-level meetings for Ghana Universal Health Cover (UHC). UHC is defined to make all ECOWAS citizens easier access to quality healthcare, regardless of solvency. The meeting  was a fundamental human right, so many people in this area would have been important, and many people in this area can access health management quality and timely. The conference is summarized at the end of the economic citizenship of healthy ministers in the ECOVA region for the adoption of  West African Sanitary Organization (WAHO) -2030 healthy ministers, related stakeholder ministers,  and partners developed And discuss and discuss and discuss the delivery of UHC in all member states. 

 Ehs: Opportunity of the Opening of Yesterday Yesterday Yesterday, the Waho directory was the right of the Waho directory, so the access failed was the top priority. Citing the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), he stated that health is a fundamental human right and an important indicator of sustainable development.He said poor health threatens children's right to education, limits economic opportunities and increases community and national poverty. 

 "Therefore, one of UHC's goals is to avoid financial difficulties in the medical sector, regardless of the quality of service. On the other hand, modern health care is not cheap, but to be sustainable, It needs to be integrated into UHC, "he said.  Okolo said an important indicator to consider is the frequency of disastrous out-of-pocket services that individuals provide to their healthcare providers when services are requested. 

 Health System: Co-Chair and Minister of Health Kwak Agiemanmanu said  that  stakeholders should build a safer and healthier future for everyone and a health system to ensure that no one is left behind. He said he must make a conscious effort to strengthen  and improve resilience. It can meet the needs of all people in different member countries and, more broadly, around the  world. “The progress towards UHC in the ECOWAS region is slow and varies from country to country in terms of insurance systems, governing bodies, funding mechanisms, and target population. 

“ Pregnant women, children under 5 years of age in this region. There are several free medical initiatives targeting specific populations such as the elderly. Subregions have made great strides in achieving UHC for  citizens, but by 2030 all countries have made great strides. It has been shown that greater effort is needed to fully achieve UHC. 

 COVID19 Experience: Ghana Finance, Mr. Oforiata said Mr. Cochaia said that he was said 20 years ago 20 years ago, said that his personal "COVID 19 experience". Reporting with an integral part of Africa is  low.


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