(WATCH): More Photos Of Elladeevah Ellios, The Alleged Ghanaian l3sb!@n Who Was Reportedly R@p3d & Recorded By A Gang For Two Days

 More Photos Of Elladeevah Ellios, The Alleged Ghanaian l3sbi@n Who Was Reportedly Drugg3d & R@p3d By A Gang For Two Days. It emerged earlier today that one popular lady on social media who is seen as a l3sbian, Elladeevah Ellios was sadly drugged and r@p3d by some boys for two days.

This painful revelation came to light when the lady, Elladeevah Ellios took to her Facebook page earlier in the Monday to speak about it in a traumatic way.

In her narration of the events, Elladeevah Ellios disclosed that the boys also recorded her during the two days she was kept captive as they took turns to have their way.

As of the time of this she said this, Elladeevah Ellios revealed that she was at the Cantonment Police Hospital where she was getting a report to make a case. Sharing the news of her rape, the young lady wrote:

“I was recorded, drugged, and raped for 2 good days!! Current location Cantonment Police Hospital. I need all the support I can get ?????. My life has come to an end, I want to die”

In the midst of the painful experience, Brytgh.çom has put together some of the stunning photos of Elladeevah Ellios. See them below and help us sympathize with Elladeevah Ellios for what she has gone through. Check out the photos below!

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