Catholic Priest Impregnates 30 Roman Sisters - Confirmed

Shocking: Information currently disseminating on social media has it that 30 Roman Sister have impregnated by one most popular Catholic Priest. This information at early just became hearsay and now has been confirmed by Pope Frances.
The issue became more certain as it was officially published in a renounced graphics.

The Head of the Catholic Church, and sovereign of the Vatican City State, Pope Francis has confirmed reports that a particular Malawian Diocesan Priest has impregnated 30 Roman Sisters.
Pope Francis revealed how most catholic tend to take advantages of nuns especially with reasons to escape from sexually transmitted disease(STDs),
He also added that there have been several instances where there were reports on the several sexual cases of abuse of Catholic Priests with nuns, especially in Africa.
As a result of all these the Pope finally confirmed that all rumors that a catholic priest has impregnated 30 nuns are true and for that reason, such priests have been suspended.

Popular Catholic Priest Impregnates 30 Roman Sisters - Pope Francis Confirms
He also added that they are doing their best to put things under control for that reason, they are training priests in all angles to help them to be able to control their sexual pleasures too.

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