Opanka Is Not Relating To Me In Any Way - Kwesi Stanza Announces

Ghanaian youthful visionary highlife artist, Kwesi Stanza hammered on the widespread trending matter whispering he's the younger brother of the colleague musician, Opanka. This provokes as fans related Opanka and Kwesi Stanza pictures on social media. The assumption they made from the pictures ended up accusing him of being the younger brother of Opanka.
Kwesi Stanza is now out to declare openly the truth about this matter. According to the upcoming highlife sensation, Stanza said he doesn't relate to Opanka in any way. Despite the fact that they are all in the music industry he has no relation to Opanka. Even though we might look-alike in the pictures.
Fans should now be in the position to understand each other.
He also started 'let me use this opportunity to express my gratitude to you all for your tremendous and uncountable support, continue to support me to bring the best in me'.

"It is quite nowadays to feed you music, I am now in my third year in the college of education and I will get out soon to make things moving" He again stated.

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