My Target Is To Become Bigger Than Sarkodie - Kobby Oxy

Ghanaian young rapper, Kobby Oxy drops Another bombshell. He amasses another controversial issue for taking over the heavy rapper, Sarkodie. Kobby said, Ghanaians thing and believe that they have only one good rapper, which is very deceptive. Even if he's the best rapper as at now in the province, he's ever ready to prove to Ghanaians and beyond that, he is there.

Taking Sarkodie small boys, Strongman Burner and Kwaku Smoke that Sarkodie claims they're the next of kin, they can't just withstand him(Kobby Oxy) for even a minute. Sarkodie himself must get ready for his rising.
Kobby Oxy also stated that, as a musician, you will probably get off from the system one day. You can't reign forever.

What we must all understand is that, it comes in season. When your time comes, you enjoy it. He said, 'I will make Sarkodie believe me when he would not be remembered someday to come. Rapping to some of us is a gift from nature.
Stand up Ghana, Kobby Oxy

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