His Last Word Before His D3ad: Bishop Bernard Nyarkoh

Bishop Bernard Nyarko is a Ghanaian Kumawood actor. He has been an enormous contributor to the Ghana movie industry. His impartation was truly tremendous.

Of late, Bishop Bernard Nyarkoh has been confirmed dead which has got a lot of people talking as they are shocked. His death was traced to have resulted from cancer. What Bishop Bernard Nyarkoh said before he died.
He said, "choosing to become popular in the province and beyond through acting is nothing but engaging in movie production is simply evil. You will be given some role to play in the course of capturing the film but that role sometimes demands you to smoke "cigarette", " weed", etc which you might not want to do. This is also one of the reasons why I stopped being an actor".

Again, Bishop also indicated that movie production is involved in committing adultery and some of the individuals they encounter with them come from Marine. 
These are the reasons Bishop Bernard Nyarkoh stopped acting before he even suddenly met his death.

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