"Stop Creating Hit News And Create Hit Songs Rather" - Wendy Shay Decleared

Ghanaian twosome songstress from rufftown records awake the beef the had some time past once again. The hitmaker of 'Akokra Gangster' song, Wendy Shay has replied to a comment made by her colleague songstress, Fantana for calling her a "higher local champion".
According to Fantana, she enlisted the female songstress in the country who are International products. And they are Efya, Wiyaala, and Becca.
This statement made by Fantana never sat well with her pal, Wendy Shay. This triggered Wendy to react to the comment and she said "Some artiste can create news but can’t create hit songs
Ask how much Betplanet paid me...
Mit große Zähne macht man keine Hitsongs
Ich mach Kohle Und scheiß auf euch alle"

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