No More Ashawo in Northern Region - Northern Regional Minister

The commercial sex work has been ban in the Northern Region (Tamale)  of Ghana by the Northern Regional Minister as a way to reduce the spread of the disease, coronavirus as 10 cases had been confirmed positive.

Me Salifu Saeed said, "We all know that prostitution in Ghana is illegal".
A report issued by Mr. Saeed indicates that some of the confirmed cases in the northern region were sex workers and accordingly the 10 confirmed cases really need us to get prepared.
Also, a report by the Regional Security Council has implemented an immediate ban on prostitution and any other pertinent activities of that sort as a measure of curbing the spread of the disease.

Mr. Saeed said, due to their sex work, it brings them more exposed to viral viral disease, coronavirus and also hampers how best we can combat against the disease.

He continued " it is relatively impossible to just instruct people to abstain from such activities but they should also remember that this coronavirus era is not the time to get into contact with many people, that is why we are discoursing about social distancing here and there. But it seems that citizens at the Temale had not heard anyone.

When you contemplate those that had been infected by the disease, they are sex workers and now they have been fished out, as a lesson to the rest, you don't need to be even informed." 

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