I never care if people say I am stingy - Sarkodie

Ghanaian Rapper, Sarkodie, has ultimately responded to contends that he’s stingy.
The rapper has been characterized as a stingy artist because he has been sighted using some old versions of some items.
Yet responding to such assertions on The KSM show, Sarkodie said he doesn’t care if people guess he is prudent.
To him, he will continue as he is and that people cannot push him to live a falsehood.
” Like the stingy stuff, it’s a social media thing so everyone leaps on it then it begins to trend. Privately, for me, I don’t care. So, what they are showing you to do is to substantiate that you are not stingy which I will never do. So, you’ll constantly maintain that thing in your head till you die and I don’t care”.
On why he is seen as proud, Sarkodie illustrated that he acknowledged he was haggling with the awful people because when he goes outside the country people do not argue about how he holds up himself.

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